From the recording Space Punk City 7" Clear Vinyl

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Space Punk City

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Cruising down Circuit street
On my Harley Blastoid
Pull up to the Vagabond Bar
To a gang of droids...
Remove my tattered helmet
Shake off the dirt
Put my tubed Doc Martians
To the Vol-tarran turf...
Cloaked assassins
Floating dread
Laser blast over head
Black market
Space cargo
Neutron glow
Retro fit
Galactic rot
Shadow fate
Killer bots
Battle zone
Flesh and bone
Fires burning in the distance
Electro-thumping clubs
Urban center of neon ruin
Once a cultural hub...
Avant-garde tattooed posers
With mannequin smiles
Echo alleys full of losers
Decay for miles