From the recording 00X: When Worlds Collide

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A World Away
Parallel Galaxies, timeless confusion
Cyclotron parables, voids of illusion
Spotlight lasers beam down on you
Crystal beacons provide the view
Secrets shadows born today
Slip stream travel just a world away

Nebula patterns, weightless fire
Asteroid belts, orbital desire
Phaser triggers locked on stun
Vantage point for Plutonian fun
Cyborg units cloaked in the day
Neo earthers are just a world away

Mercurion bubbles, rainbowed flicker
Fashionite colors, planetoid seekers
Aurora fine mist, Venusian cluster
Moon-drop season, translucent luster
Robot marshals without decay
Invisible Martian’s are just a world away

They’re just a world away