From the recording 00X: When Worlds Collide

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Welcome to Eternity
Space waves speed through the Universe colored bio-ped minds
Guitron’s pumping out atomic runs Rocket Roll by design
This tour is forever more million galaxies long
Stops on Earth when we pass through sub-light speed of a song

1st Chorus:
Look past your craving for blood, hopes of honesty
Ten thousand suns explode setting a Destiny

Look out, out through the dark overhead you will see
A trillion worlds are waiting out here we have an opening
Life forms of a collective mind but one supremacy
Sounds of love carry out this wave collecting hearts of the free

2nd Chorus:
Buckle up never say no come outside and see
Most go dead as life is felt, Welcome to Eternity


1st Break:
This tour Is coming
This tour Is playing
This tour Is living
Beyond All Fear

2nd Break
Time Never Ends Out here