From the recording 00X: When Worlds Collide

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Million-Lon cruise as we pivot along progression bends our minds
Faster than you and further then he
The Spacers race! Against time

Decades programmed eternally the children to be saved
Signals are clear when the end is this near
And the Spacers point! Is made

1st chorus
In 72 we pointed our hair giving birth to our Space Age Love
The credit is God’s since he put us here to tell you there are others above
There are others above. There are others above

Lead Solo:

10 -2 -12 we returned from war
Resistance having thinned
Battle scared we endured
And the Spacers are back again, are back again

2nd chorus
We’ve evolved thank the Lord beyond what is Earth
With a dream and some comic book art
Imagination can make you a star
Forget who, what, why and you are!

Nic-Koo Nah Ze Ott-Ree Abh Bly Darr
(Translation: Those with antenna or ears will listen.)