From the recording X Marks the Spot (ATR)

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X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot
To a zone searched a lot
X marks the place
To a point and time in space
X marks the spot
That so many have forgot
X marks the place
For all the human race

Connecting, projecting, perfecting your aim!
Like an arrow that hits a bulls-eye life’s no game!

So many questions with no answers
For the quest of a life enhancer
So many eyes that don’t see
The world’s beauty
So many ears that don’t hear
Creations sounds throughout the years
With the direction that your heading
Away from love and all the weddings

There’s a target for mankind to illuminate your souls
It’s inside you to guide you for all to know

X marks the date
It’s not too late
X marks the choice
Speak out and use your voice
X marks the door
You don’t need another war
X marks the spot
In the universe Earth is just a dot!


X marks the spot