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Space Age Love

Well, we don’t give a Zam what your TV’s say
We’re out in space light years away
Far from you’re earth and its moon above
Ready to ignite Space Age Love
[Our Retro’s Hot!]

With kinetic powered thoughts from our satellites
We’re the faces that you see in your dreams at night
You’ll love the zip zap zam of our Zolar guns
And the star stellar thrills of Space Age fun
[Supersonic!] [Go-go-go Rocket Roll]

We can take you on an orbit of our pink playground
You’ll love the sputnik spin of our Zolar Go-Round
We can stop on Zic-con Zoo for a soda fizz
And beam you home by 9:00 before your parents’ quiz
[Fly us cosmic lovers!] [Up we go]

Well, you may not like our powered hills or pointed hair
So, we’ll steal you out in secret leaving them a spare
I mean why act prehistoric. Don’t be so square!
Through teleport you’ll be with us and still be there!
Humans are fun! You know some people think we look kind of crazy,
That’s ridiculous!
Because I mean after all we think all of you look astronomical.
Zap your Zolarized!