1. 50Y_Recitation
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Nop-Trea Vue-Duras Varitrexon
Olio-Ey-Navietri Dowtra-Dutra
Harmana Uvatrania
Steburendom Valtropolis
Quamdor Veles Plebot
Strayvos Urota Straybotis
Klayvorta Storbot
Lopkama Torta Yarbo
Strayvis Bebis Norvo
Strata Komata Hivot

Greeting’s people of planet Earth
We come to observe and document
Music is our method to transmit
To all through visions of performance
A mission of Love
Uniting by desire
Filling a void
Star Stellar Thrill you
With awareness of Life
To look to the Stars with wonder