Zolar X Obervations of Earth 2020

The song, Observations of Earth, was written in Laurel Canyon, CA in 2008. Raidii and I knew we had something special and had plans for putting the song on the album Observations of Earth, but for many reasons those plans didn’t materialize. 

Fast forward to 2020. You can imagine how the global events that have unfolded in 2020 might look to an observer from another planet. We decided to pull on some of the threads of things that have unraveled around us, not just here in the USA but around the world. And a promotional video launching our masks grew and became something else – part meme, part statement, part observation. 

The Zolarian mythology and philosophy is simple yet complex, easy yet hard – racial equality, be aware of your place in the universe, be open but with well-thought out limits, ask the right questions, apply logic with heart – the spoken story of our people from far, far away. We call Earth home and we care deeply. This is our contribution in this moment to what matters. 

Ygarr Ygarrist & Raidii X 

Zolar X

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