Zolar X Vault 

A few Earth days left on Tshirts that are marked "sale". Any remaining after July 31st will go into the Zolar X vault. Get them while  
they last. 

"Zolar X - Provisions" https://zolarx.com/provisions

Lyric Video for Ultra Violent Vector Now Up 

Number three in Zolar X’s dystopian Earth saga, Ultra Violent Vector, is a glimpse into a possible future for this planet, the Alpha and Omega of time. Warnings unheard, sites unseen about the apocalyptic nature of the human species. I’ve been writing about this stuff for decades and have tried to stop but my prophetic nature takes over. Science fiction can become science fact and like Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry figured it out-equality for all humans. The vocal intro will get you ready for blastoff.

New Single Condition Chaos Has Landed! 

Condition Chaos, the new Zolar X single, has landed on Earth and is now available from our website and will be dropping to Spotify, iTunes and all the other streaming platforms 4/20.

We have created some wooteeta swag to go with the single release which include Condition Chaos unisex T-shirt, CC postcard and posters in various sizes of the track cover art.

Happy Holidays from Zolar X 

In the spirit of the Holiday season, add this one to your list. A Zolarian carol where Earth meets outer space, complete with a rocket-powered sleigh, jingle bells, lasered icicles like none you’ve ever seen, Saint Nick and the elves from Plutonia. 

ZX Spirit (Mistletoe Fever) was written by Ygarr Ygarrist in 2009 at Hollywood CA. Vocals, mixed and Produced by Zolar X/Ygarr Ygarrist and Raidii X. You can find it just about everywhere on planet Earth. Enjoy, from Zolar X!

Winners for the ZXearthlink Zolar X Giveaway 


1,000 Nok voo’s (many thanks) to all who participated in our first Zolar X giveaway. Bök ke-ôtu (it was a lot of fun) to connect with xemiz across planet Earth. Congratulations to Michael Francis Matz Jr. and Greg McWhorter. Stay tuned as we plan to have more of these in the future.


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