Zolar X Obervations of Earth 2020 

The song, Observations of Earth, was written in Laurel Canyon, CA in 2008. Raidii and I knew we had something special and had plans for putting the song on the album Observations of Earth, but for many reasons those plans didn’t materialize. 

Fast forward to 2020. You can imagine how the global events that have unfolded in 2020 might look to an observer from another planet. We decided to pull on some of the threads of things that have unraveled around us, not just here in the USA but around the world. And a promotional video launching our masks grew and became something else – part meme, part statement, part observation. 

The Zolarian mythology and philosophy is simple yet complex, easy yet hard – racial equality, be aware of your place in the universe, be open but with well-thought out limits, ask the right questions, apply logic with heart – the spoken story of our people from far, far away. We call Earth home and we care deeply. This is our contribution in this moment to what matters. 

Ygarr Ygarrist & Raidii X 

Zolar X


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We are offering two designs; the Android face covering (artwork by Armando Norte, aka X-etron) and the Out of This World face covering promoting the Zolar X memoir, coming Fall of 2020. 

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Zolar X Face Coverings 

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Saturday “goings on” with Zolar X… 

We’re working on the book today, the memoirs of Ygarrr Ygarrist and Zory Zenith. We originally thought we were going to write three separate books or “volumes” but it has been recommended, from a reliable source, that we combine them. We spent today joining Volume 2 with Volume 1. It’s an interesting collaboration we have – Ygarr and I. He’s the one who lived it and knows it so well that he tends to leave some of the juicy, forbidden stuff out. It’s finding the balance of looking inside his mind/heart yet keeping it real and then putting that into words.

Zolar X Live DVD (Clip) - Pershing Square, 2010 

This clip features the songs Recitation and Timeless from the Timeless album. 

Nop trea xemiz (greetings friends), Earthers and new fans. In 2010 at Pershing Square, Los Angeles, we recorded and filmed our set live and released the one and only DVD that exists on the planet of Zolar X performing, with Don Bolles of the Germs sitting in on drums. Three weeks earlier, our ZX drummer quit and we made a call to Don, he said yes, and the rest is now history. We had two days to rehearse and even those rehearsals were cut shorter than we would have liked, the DVD proves it was worth it. 

On our Face Book/Zolar X page we will be posting one video each day that highlights many of the songs from the show and extras that we added into the DVD. https://www.facebook.com/zolarx/

With this DVD you’ll experience the Zolar X Starship, games on board, the journey, virtual computer dialog and of course the live show. If you are interested in purchasing the full-length DVD it is available at https://www.ZolarX.com/oddities 

We just signed on with Patreon to build our fan base and to support future endeavors like tours, music and artistic projects and in return will give our supporters exclusive views of costuming, props, behind the scenes, chat rooms, unreleased songs, videos and much more. We plan to take all the segments of the live DVD and upload them (full-length) to the Zolar X Patreon site for our Patreon supporters. Zolar X Patreon coming in the near future. 

Nok voo (thank you)! We look forward in communications in cyber-space. Keep looking up. 

Remember, U R N Space.

00X-A Little History 

Being in two bands at the same time - a fork in the road...The beginning of this video (audio) is a typical day at the Canterbury Apartments and at the end of the video (audio) is when the power blew at Rodney's English Disco. What you have in between is from the album 00X When Worlds Collide. 

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“Timeless” in Vans Video 

 Xposure   Xposure   Xposure 

Last year Vans Skate Team, Paul Labadie asked us if they could use Timeless the song in a video they were making. A year later…here it is.

Vans Europe Presents: Natural Born Cooler | Skate | VANS 

Vans Europe proudly presents Natural Born Cooler. Directed by Paul Labadie and showcasing exclusive footage of the Vans European skateboard team who travelled across Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, Cyprus and Italy last year. Kris Vile, Chris Pfanner, Victor Pellegrin, Nassim Guammaz all deliver full parts and Vans introduce Albert Nyberg to the team. The video also features the rest of the Vans European skate team including Ross McGouran, Josh Young, Alain Goikoetxea, Jonathan Thijs, Sam Partaix, Joseph Biais, Martino Cattaneo, Yeelen Moens, Flo Marfaing and Muki Rüstig.

00X When Worlds Collide Picture Disc 

Collectible 12” Vinyl Picture Disc – ZOLAR X on side 1 & The Spys on side 2, only 250. New Rocket Roll, Space Punk, vintage Punk Rock with Rock Bottom and The Spys. Lyrics written in prison, 2017 recordings with Don Bolles on drums, Ygarr Ygarrist, Don Bolles, Richard Simpson (Rock Bottoms brother), Paul Roessler, Raidii X - vocals. One song played live by Zolar X at Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco in ’74, re-recorded. Decades of material packaged into one vinyl collectible. Album is in a protective plastic sleeve and jacket and also comes with a two-sided insert.



Sneak Peek 00X – Slab Lab - 12.17.17 

Zolar X now have a global footprint thanks to the powers that be in the cosmos…fans, the internet, and social media. The Spys have a much smaller footprint but it is never-the-less a stamp that they were here. What some and maybe many do not know is that I was in both bands at the same time (‘77-81), going back and forth between the two. If you know this then you can hear it – the influence of one affecting the other. Raidii and I have had many talks over zakoo (coffee) about getting more of the story out there about the Spys – and resurrecting the music. I am the only living member of the original Spys and since I co-wrote the songs with Rock, they’re still inside me. So the idea of the album came about many months ago that since I was in both bands, why not put out an album with Zolar X on side A and The Spys on side B. Hence the vinyl project/picture disc, 00X: When Worlds Collide was born. 

00X: When Worlds Collide 

Zolar X - Side A 

Welcome to Eternity 

Alien Heart 


A World Away 

Space Age Blues 

The Spys - Side B 

Slab Lab 

Rich Girl 

No Good 

Death Trap 

I Don’t Like You 

1055 La Jolla 

Leaking Secrets

We’ll be heading to L.A. later this week to finish the vocals on the Spy’s side of 00X. In 2009 I pulled I’m No Surfer out of my Spy memory banks and reworked it into Slab Lab. This song is a look at ‘79-1980 in Los Angeles - what was going on right there in the middle of West Hollywood. We played Slab Lab live a couple times in 2010-11 but unless you know some of the story and where the song came from it, well it makes a lot more sense knowing that the lyrics describe the scene, our crash pad at that time. The Slab Lab was everything that the lyrics say it was and nothing more. It was a dump, an abyss. We have a video of Zolar X playing Slab Lab live at the 2010 Pershing Square show where we opened for The Tubes which is below. 

Slab Lab (lyrics) 

8228 through the alley’s broken gate 

You enter at your own risk into the cement abyss 

Broken bottles, empty beers, lost souls, wasted years 

Hookers with stiletto heels, junky bangers popping pills 

Sirens wailing, cops with cuffs, Fire marshal’s, acting tough 

Void of humanity, kick in the door that was the key 

Crash pad promenade, blood spilt, trash bouquet 

Music faded, art cried, overdoses, many died 

Not for the faint of heart, across from Chateau Marmont 

A haven for punk refuges, dirty mattress, new disease 

Needle, spoon, dope and cotton, cocaine plans, names forgot 

On Sunset in tinsel town, LA’s underground 

The Zolar X side of the music has been completed. We were in the studio in August, 2017 and Don Bolles laid in drums for all tracks for the entire album. That was a long day, from noon to 3:00 a.m. but Don did it and did it in space-punk style. 

On December 23rd at Kitten Robot Studios-Paul Roessler (Engineer), the remaining vocal tracks for the Spys side will happen with Don Bolles, an original Germ member, Richard Simpson – Rock Bottom’s brother and myself. This is the last step before mastering which will be done by Geza X and then it’ll be off to the pressing plant. The release of 00X: When Worlds Collide will be in the Spring/Summer of 2018. 

Ygarr Ygarrist



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