From the recording Timeless

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The Plutonian Elf Story
Forever More (prologue)
I never wanted love before!
When it came I closed my door.
One after one I lived in the flesh!
Then she came and my life's blessed,
and I'll Love Her Forever More!
Daydreams, nightmares so what?
She's there, when I sorrow I know she'll care,
and I'll have her forever more!
Life without love is without life!
Love without her is without love.

I. Color me green!
Color me green!
Color me green!
Floating afar from a star,
floating afar from a star,
from a star.
March on, sing on.
II. All Elves United
All Elves united, from lands decided.
Watching is their duty, not seen is the beauty.
Victory is their cheer, because one day lasts a year.
III. Y's Magic Dance
All Elves united as one decided. Decided.
IV. Land of Munchkin Fairies
Land of Munchkin Fairies, Plutonia is their home.
Dancing all day merry, singing songs to poems.
Colored winds. Elves all friends.
Sky so high. Freedom to fly.
Passing their days not worried. Hate does not exist.
Sharing their life's fortunes.
And love is all they insist!
There's colored winds.
The Elves are all friends.
The sky's so high, with freedom to fly.
V. People Equals
People are the reason to be.
Souls brightly shining are free.
Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. [repeat]
Acting out years to be from a world of fantasy.
Computer logs, and solar lights can be.
They are just a taste of infinity.
Ho Ho Ho Ha Ha Ha. [repeat]
[Break] Look to the stars, beyond planet Mars.
Far past known Galaxies.
Just broaden your mind.
Escape from time.
And be free.
Be free.
[Repeat Break]
VI. In Command
There's a fleet of lucent saucers,
hovering out above the world.
Precision force to protect the skies.
Flawless hands are their inner guide.
Waiting, watching, analyzing.
Beings from Planet Patrol.
Enigmatic Paradisions.
Ageless wisdom they'll bestow!
In their constant timeless journeys,
seeking varied forms of life,
they are one day to inform you,
not to black out given light.
Hoping. Searching. Worlds awaiting.
Needing a key to unlock doors?
Messengers of alien distance,
show the gateways to explore!
Beyond human comprehension.
From all entities away.
Far from known Galactic Boundaries.
Future's Force is on its way.
God's force is here to stay!