From the recording Timeless

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The Horizon Suite
I. Overture On Air
I thought I'd write an Overture, thinking they might call me Sir.
Started out in the key of E, when I realized that music was free.
Life's a test to each his own.
Chose your path, for me it's in song.
Money's not bad when it's used for right,
but it doesn't buy a passport into the light.
I wanted to be a zillionaire.
Fame and glory while flying on air.
But alas I saw a rich man’s hands.
From dust to dust they'll go sand to sand.
II. Tomorrow's Sunrise
Tomorrow. Tomorrow.
Humble men are rich and their dreams will come true,
Creating only peace or evil will destroy you.
Let the children play and wash away their sorrow.
Living today when you want to see Tomorrow.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow not yesterday.
Weapons are dark as night.
Using them kills off life.
Send them back from where they came.
Bring back light and save the game!
Then the Sun will shine and brighten up.
It's new-born sky for all the world to see,
light shine from eternity.
III. Inside The Outside
Looking for the key, on air, land, and sea,
when dimensions hold the secrets to the Gateways.
Puzzling ways in which the aliens come,
because they're passing through the doorways
from the inside.
Awaiting the way to leave the outside.
Wanting the way to be inside.
Planets are birth different ones.
Space soaring anywhere they want to.
Universal names mind levels change,
Earth is on the outside.
IV. Sound Barrier (instrumental)