1. Jet Star 19

From the recording Timeless

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Jet Star 19
It's a power packed, fiber wedged,
a dune surfers dream!
Jet Star 19.
It's at breaking neck speed,
like a space ball machine!
Jet Star 19, Jet Star, Jet Star.
Helen awaits beneath the arena gates.
In a spotlight she's every man’s grace.
Uniformed we head for the plate.
Lazors ablazed, she's a vicious team mate.
Hollow ball floating deceptive.
A goal post signaled a score.
As long as we buzz by the grandstands,
Our wedges are lined in encore.
Now we are the stars of Seattle,
The President's national team.
Next week we're challenging Canada
and Helen is teaming with me.
Later tonight when we finish this play,
we head to the chapel where the officers pray.
Searching out reasons to stay in this game.
It must be adventure to balance the sane.
Soaring over the heads of the crowd,
streaking across the night sky,
I've got the feeling of touching the Moon,
no longer fearing to die!