1. Mirrors

From the recording Timeless

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If I lied and I said I did would you tell me?
If I dammed those I love and who love me, could you smile freely?
Then if I said I saw through your eyes, spoke through mouth
and moved like you try, would you believe me?
Could you deceive me?
Is this real or fantasy?
A question with or without a key?
But you can't get out, so dammit! I'd like to meet you!
I've talked to myself so has everyone else.
Alone one can seem as two.
Stand in front of a mirror, look what you see.
Ask that reflection is it you or he?
Is it your twin, maybe a friend?
An opposite of your reality?
What can this be? It's scientifically, am I mad or sane?
Are the answers hidden or are they plain?
But you can't get out, so dammit, I'd like to meet you!
You can talk to yourself.
Your best friends your brain.
You can let it all out.
Don't hold in any pain.
Say hello to your twin.
With the mirror pretend.
It's time to begin to know yourself as a friend it's time to begin.
You can laugh by yourself, and when you dream it's your dream.
You can cry all alone, and your body is your own home.
But of course we all need others, and everyone's a me.
The only answer to this song is individuality.
Individuality. Individuality.
When you are looking in and out at yourself. (Repeat)