Urban Myths: Physical CDR

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Now for something completely different - an odd departure for ZOLAR X, Urban Myths: Instrumental Sound treks, it's mood, it's dance - with these you’ll feel the robotic beats. They’ll sweep you off your feet.

This album came about with music licensing in mind. It’s full of sci-fi beats, electronica effects and celestial tones. With so many video games coming out ZOLAR X decided to venture into a new world of sound that is completely different from our rocket roll.

And for a taste of the Z - Zory Zenith - we wanted to give you something from Zory Zenith since he was away on leave for such a long time. Now he is back and wrote lyrics to the first track on the album titled Urban Myths on Planet Blue. All other tracks are instrumental.

Urban Myths Instrumental Sound Treks will allow you to travel to the stars without leaving Earth, Dance at Zic-Con-Zoo and Partee at Silver Top Station.

Z.S. - if you would like your CD autographed, please let us know.

Nok voo (thank you), Zolar X.

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