Sneak Peek-Zolar X/The Spys 00X: When Worlds Collide: The Vinyl Project

A look inside the studio with Don Bolles laying down drums at Kitten Robot Studios in Los Angeles. This vinyl project reaches back in history and pulls out all the stops to deliver the Zolar X sound - leads, synths, Zory & Ygarr vocals and massive drums. That’s side A…and on side B we’ve resurrected The Spys, the Punk band Ygarr was in from 1977-1979. In fact, for a short time, he was in both bands at the same time. And what better way to bring a collectible to planet Earth than to make it a picture disc.


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  • Evidence Gavin

    Evidence Gavin Harlech,Wales

    Very thrilling news! I love picture discs.

    Very thrilling news!
    I love picture discs.

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