Zolar X Live DVD (Clip) - Pershing Square, 2010

This clip features the songs Recitation and Timeless from the Timeless album. 

Nop trea xemiz (greetings friends), Earthers and new fans. In 2010 at Pershing Square, Los Angeles, we recorded and filmed our set live and released the…


Zolar X/PNX News Interview: 00X When Worlds Collide

PNX News journalist Bill Bored interviews Raidii and I after a studio recording session for the album 00X When Worlds Collide.

Bill Bored, one of the most trusted names in broadcasting for over 30 years. 
Field reporter at large…


00X-A Little History

Being in two bands at the same time - a fork in the road...The beginning of this video (audio) is a typical day at the Canterbury Apartments and at the end of the video (audio) is when the power…

“Timeless” in Vans Video

 Xposure   Xposure   Xposure 

Last year Vans Skate Team, Paul Labadie asked us if they could use Timeless the song in a video they were making. A year later…here it is.

Vans Europe Presents: Natural Born Cooler | Skate…


00X When Worlds Collide Picture Disc

Collectible 12” Vinyl Picture Disc – ZOLAR X on side 1 & The Spys on side 2, only 250. New Rocket Roll, Space Punk, vintage Punk Rock with Rock Bottom and The Spys. Lyrics written in prison, 2017 recordings…

Sneak Peek 00X – Slab Lab - 12.17.17

Zolar X now have a global footprint thanks to the powers that be in the cosmos…fans, the internet, and social media. The Spys have a much smaller footprint but it is never-the-less a stamp that they were here. What…

Sneak Peek 00X - New Album in the Works

Wrapping up a week-long stay in LA working on the newest album project - a combo ZOLAR X/ Spys album. We'll be heading back today and will post more details once we're back at the ZX Headquarters.

The ZOLAR X Vintage T-shirt is Here!

Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco was cool – one of “THE” places to hang out in Hollywood. And we were there – playing live in 1974…This image was taken from one of those shows. What better pic to put on a…

The Language of ZOLAR X-Free E-Book!

It seems like just about any time ZOLAR X are mentioned, we hear two things: "Those guys wore their space suites 24-7" AND "They talked in their own language." So we bring you our language and now you can talk…

Generating Steam Heat's Radio Show from the UK

Ed X and Gentleman Jimmy Tee played Timeless, talked about our language and a little about our wild story. It's an hour plus of punk attitude every Tuesday from 22.00 GMT on Soundart Radio.

You can catch it all here: