Timeless: The Zolar X Story-The Memoirs of Ygarr Ygarrist & Zory Zenith 

Nop trea Xemiz! 

Timeless: The Zolar X Story-Volume I, The Memoirs of Ygarr Ygarrist and Zory Zenith is now in manuscript form and we are looking for a Publisher. Most of 2015 was devoted to writing Volume 1 which spans from 1972 to 1975. It is the formative years of the original Zolar X, where we set out to create the look and music of the band. We take the reader on the journey as it came together, experiencing our hits, near misses, hobnobbing with celebrities, our first recordings and through May of '75 when Zolar X temporarily dissolves with the bass player quitting, leaving the band high and dry in Memphis Tennessee at one of the high points of our career. 
Zory and I reached deep inside our minds recalling memories from years past. Raidia helped tie them together in a cohesive form. Most of the time we were working long distance with Zory and have 20 plus hours of audio conversations that went into the book. I hope we don’t have to self-publish this book but it is a possibility. We’re not going to let this book stay underneath a bed or in a closet collecting dust which was where I was at with Zolar X’s music in 1979. I wasn’t’ going let the music be lost and because of that DIY philosophy the world now knows Zolar X’s music and it’s time for the world to know the complete, true account of our wild story. 

Volume II is in the works and picks up where Volume I leaves off – from 1975 – 1982. 

(L to R) Zory Zenith, Ygarr Ygarrist outside Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco, 1973

An excerpt of when Zory and I first met at Rodney’s in 1973: 
“This time, there’s a line out front and Sable and Laurie are posing for pictures. Inside it’s elbow to elbow, more skirts, more glitter, and platform boots dancing to Suffragette City. There’s a buzz going through the crowd that Bianca Jagger is in the VIP booth. Shit, I didn’t even know they had a VIP booth! I glance over to an area that is slightly elevated where I see an entourage encircling someone. I order two beers and we find a table. I’m hoping for Deja-vu – I mean it was beyond cool last time. What might happen tonight? I feel all the eyeballs glancing our way – our pointed haircuts, eyeliner, and Clockwork Orange threads. I had taken off the Derby to adjust my point when Booty elbows me and nods his head towards the door. A red headed guy struts in with a haircut just like ours! And he was just fucking cool. Everything about him – his hair, his cloths, his persona. He’s being surrounded by these groupies shouting “Shady Lady!” The sea of skirts part as he makes his way to the bar and sits down with his beer. Unbelievable! How can this be? I have to find out who he is. I’m buzzed, and feeling a little pissed. Picking up my cane and putting on my topper I head to his table. 
Zory: I had just taken a long drink of my draft and look up to see this little guy walking right up to me. He has a cane in his hand and raises it. I don’t know if he’s going to hit me or what the hell he is doing. 
He taps his cane on my table and the first thing out of his mouth is, “Who the fuck are you - stealing our haircut idea?” 
As these words are flying out of his mouth, I’m thinking, damn he’s cocky. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat ready for anything and then I see his bangs and his words start to sink in. Shit, other than the color, his hair is cut just like mine. I see this other guy over his shoulder and his hair is cut like mine too. What the fuck? 
I’m getting ready to smack him and then he asks, “Are you a musician? Who are you?” 
I go on to say, “I’m Billy McCartney but you can call me Zory. I’m the drummer, for the moment, in a Rock ‘n Roll band called Shady Lady but I want to be a futuristic front man.” 

“I’m Stephen Della Bosca, a guitarist, and this is Bruce Allen Courtois, who goes by Booty. He’s our bass player, and we play space symphony. Our band’s name is ZOLAR X. We’ve just moved down from Northern California. We have a keyboardist, Ed, and our drummer is Gary, and well, he just isn’t going to work out so we’ll be looking for a new one.” 
Zory: My mind wanders for a second to the sketches I had done just a couple weeks ago. Four futuristic space men with pointed haircuts. Could I be looking at two of them? Am I dreaming? Who are these two? They just show up tonight like they just beamed in. And their band name! Shit! It starts with the letter ‘Z’!!” 

- Excerpt from Timeless: The Zolar X Story-Volume I, The Memoirs of Ygarr Ygarrist and Zory Zenith 

Check out the audio from one of our phone conversations with Zory directly below.


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