From the Zolar X headquarters, Happy Thanksgiving!

"Every night like clockwork, Charlie returned home from work with a case of beer and a bottle of scotch. His partner John Desko always had a bag of weed. The party never stopped. During the first few nights, Charlie sipped scotch and told us how he’d become the black sheep of the Serta mattress empire. We also learned that he was a designer and a fabricator who’d displayed his sculptures at the New York World’s Fair in ‘64. A full-blown alcoholic, Charlie got up every day, went to work, and paid his rent. Luckily, our girlfriends brought us plenty of vittles, and I learned many exciting new recipes involving noodles and potatoes. Occasionally, we ate pizza at the Rainbow or went to Café Figaro’s for soup, salad, breadsticks, and icy pitchers of sangria. Life could have been worse." 

Out of This World: The Story of Zolar X

The Memoirs of Ygarr Ygarrist & Zory Zenith (coming in 2021)

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