Zolar X Vault

A few Earth days left on Tshirts that are marked "sale". Any remaining after July 31st will go into the Zolar X vault. Get them while  
they last. 

"Zolar X - Provisions" https://zolarx.com/provisions


Lyric Video for Ultra Violent Vector Now Up

Number three in Zolar X’s dystopian Earth saga, Ultra Violent Vector, is a glimpse into a possible future for this planet, the Alpha and Omega of time. Warnings unheard, sites unseen about the apocalyptic nature of the human species. I’ve…


Happy Holidays from Zolar X

In the spirit of the Holiday season, add this one to your list. A Zolarian carol where Earth meets outer space, complete with a rocket-powered sleigh, jingle bells, lasered icicles like none you’ve ever seen, Saint Nick and the…

Winners for the ZXearthlink Zolar X Giveaway


1,000 Nok voo’s (many thanks) to all who participated in our first Zolar X giveaway. Bök ke-ôtu (it was a lot of fun) to connect with xemiz across planet Earth. Congratulations to Michael Francis Matz Jr. and Greg…

#ZXearthlink (Zolar X Giveaway 2020)

We are x-cited to launch a Zolar X giveaway and we're calling it #ZXearthlink.

It goes from 12/6/20 to 12/13/20. See details below.

Nok voo! Zolar X

From the Zolar X headquarters, Happy Thanksgiving!

"Every night like clockwork, Charlie returned home from work with a case of beer and a bottle of scotch. His partner John Desko always had a bag of weed. The party never stopped. During the first few nights, Charlie sipped…

Zolar X Archives - a Deep Dive into ZX History

A few weeks ago, Ygarr and I decided to add photos to the book, Out of This World: The Story of Zolar X. When we got to Chapter 73, where the band is in Memphis recording at Ardent Studios, we…